Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Here we are at the Beginning

Hello Everyone! This is what will be my first post of many. I am so excited to get this going. I was originally going to start on page 1 of the cookbook and work my way through the recipes, but having decided to start this now in March I realised this wouldn't work out with the book ending in Halloween and Christmas treats. So I have decided to randomly pick out the two recipes a week and can therefore make the holiday treats at the correct time. Pictures of each treat will be uploaded as I go.
This weekend we are kicking things off with the Caramel Cupcakes and the Summer Fruits Cheesecake. One is to be made on Saturday and one on Sunday, which is how the pattern should be for the next year.

So lets get onto what will be the first recipe and blog...The Caramel Cupcakes.

Where to begin. The recipes are simple to follow as they were before, from the previous cookbook. No issue in finding the ingredients for these recipes either. The start of baking was a little shaky. It started with me trying to meaure the sugar and getting it wrong three times before noticing I was getting it confused with the flour measurement underneath! Also managed to spill sugar everywhere..cue the hoover! Once I had all the dry ingredients and butter in the bowl ready to mix, I also made the mistake of adding some of the milk too early..luckily it worked out fine and the batter came out perfectly.

Seems I still have baby brain as was a little out of sorts having not baked anything more complicated than a prepared cake mix from a box in the last few months. Kept forgetting what I was doing and whilst trying to make the icing, I tried to sieve the electric whisk, which then decided to break just as I was about to complete the caramel icing, so the rest had to be folded in with an old school wooden spoon. Apart from the few mishaps the cupcakes turned out wonderfully, as usual, and I decorated with a few blobs of caramel on top of the icing.

A successful and tasty first just another trip into town tomorrow to purchase a new .whisk before we start on project number 2, The Summer Fruits Cheesecake

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