Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Summer Fruits Cheesecake

Second recipe of the cook book and into the Challenge. Its the Summer Fruits cheesecake, the first cheesecake I have ever made that needs to be baked in an oven, not just chilled.
The recipe was simple to follow, this time I managed it without any mishaps or adding ingredients at the wrong time. Still haven't managed to replace my broken electric whisk, thank god for my Mother-in-law and her vast baking abilities and equipment!

Although the mixing of ingredients was hitch-free, I hit upon the problems when getting the cheesecake ready to go into the oven. It needs to be put into a water bath to cook but due to the springe-tin the water leaked all inside even though I had wrapped it in foil to prevent this. Cue me hollaring at my Husband to come and help me lift the tin out and re-foil it. The extra foil seemed to do the trick and so into the oven it went for 45 minutes.

Once cooked I peeled the foil off and was met with a gush of hot water running from the tin..obviously the foil failed to keep the water out after all! The cheesecake looked fine due to being inside greaseproof paper, rather than just straight inside the tin. When I had finally mopped up the river running through my kitchen, the cheesecake was left to cool at room temp before it went into the fridge overnight to chill.

Today (21/03/2011) having checked it has set fully, I carefully lifted the cheesecake out of the tin inside its greaseproof sheet and noticed there was still a small amount of water in the bottom of the tin which has seeped through the greaseproof sheet overnight and into the biscuit base...not good! I managed to manoeuvre the cheesecake off the baking sheet and into a plate and it held together, although the water had to to the bottom, it hasn't affected it enough to cause the cake to break apart, its just a little soggy.

Here we are to the tasting and...It was lovely. Even with a soggy base it still tasted like it should, just minus the crunch.So I now have another successful recipe under my belt and also learnt my lesson. Next time I am not going to put the cake into the water bath but on the shelf above it, which should still retain the moisture inside the oven but stop the cheesecake getting soggy again. We will see how this works out next time.

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