Monday, 16 May 2011

Chewy Monkey Bars

This is the second recipe I picked to make on the Narrow boat. Again because it is one with few steps and this one requires no baking as its a fridge set bar.

Unsure if this is a healthy recipe or not, it seems like it as there is not sugar needed and is chock full of nuts but the glue holding it all together is made from honey, butter, melted marshmallows and peanut butter. That might have answered my question...

Started by melting the above ingredients together on the hob and then it is added and mixed to coat the rice crispies, rolled oats, cherries, coconut, nuts and chocolate chips, although I didn't have any of those so just added roughly chopped chocolate. Once its coated and pressed into the tin, the remaining chocolate is melted and drizzled over the top with the mixed nuts. I decided to add mini marshmallows on the top since I had some to hand too.

This is then set in the fridge for an hour. Since we were limited in space in the fridge and boat we didn't line the tray with greaseproof paper as decided not to turn the bars out and cut up but just to cut a slice when we wanted one.

The bars had to be left out of the fridge, again due to space, when they didn't hold together well once cut as slightly warm. I am not one for nuts, as said in the Chocolate Chunk Pecan pie blog, but these were lovely. They had the right mix of nuts with chocolate and sweetness and filled a hole as a snack well. Would recommend them even for those nut haters out there. Yummy.

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