Monday, 2 May 2011

Fizzy Orange Cupcakes

Still not 100% after this virus. The main symptoms came and went rather quickly, but still a little run down and needing the tissues by the box. Little one isn't completely right yet either but we are almost back to normal so baking and blogging has resumed.

I have been waiting to make one of the soda cupcakes and was planning on making the Lemonade ones, having bought a small tester pack of 7 flavours from Asda, but on actual inspection of the box it included Cola and Orange but not Lemonade oops! So my husband decided on the fizzy orange ones instead.

Where to start, brain is still a little fuzzy but from what I can recall the recipe went fine as they usuallu do for the cupcake. The usual ingredients except for the orange zest and syrup which is mixed with the milk before added to the dry ingredients. No mishaps this time, think that was the first time everything went smoothly.

Managed to make 16 cupcakes from this batch. They smelt gorgeous then I was spooning the batter into the cases, as did the icing when that was being made up. Still making a mess with the icing sugar, although the shield stops it when the whisk is going, it still doesn't stop the cloud going up when measuring and sifting. I halved the amount for the icing, as I usually do and again made enough to cover the cupcakes nicely.

Forgot to buy some decorations for the top of the cupcakes but the orange syrup added a slight tint to the icing which helped make them look pretty.

And now the taste test..I found the icing wasn't too overpowering as some have suggested. Thought it was a strong (as is all the flavoured icings from the cook book) but it wasnt too much and the sponge had the nice subtle orange flavour as well as being light and fluffy. Now wondering if the Cola and Lemonade variations will also taste as yummy.

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