Monday, 1 August 2011

Earl Grey Tea Cupcakes

This was actually meant to be the Jasmine cupcakes. I stomped around the shops and thought I had scored with the Jasmine tea bags but when it came to gathering all the ingredients together before embarking on the cake baking I found they actually had green tea in smaller letters above the jasmine..not what I wanted and I was bummed out that I now still have to hunt another specialist item down. Having been all geared up I check to see if I had any fruit teas but again no such luck so settled on Earl Grey instead, seeing as I had the good sense to pick some tea bags up on my last shop.

I have never actually drank Early Grey tea but the description of it, with citrus tastes, sounded promising. Had to stew the tea bags in water first for 30 minutes before you can add it into the milk and egg mixture which goes into the dry ingredients like any other cupcake recipe. Not sure how it happened but I managed to get the rather odd number of 21 cupcakes from this batter, although they were just under being level with the cases so I think I was a little too cautious with my portions again. Seems like the chocolate mishap has shaken me a little bit deeper than just the unfortunate batch that it was. Hopefully the next cupcakes I make will help shrug this off.

I didn't have enough icing sugar to make the full amount, which uses 500g. I usually half the icing for cupcakes but since I made so many I was going to make it all..alas I couldn't due to my lack of forward planning so I passed off 5 to my husband to eat plain and then had 16 to ice which is the usual amount I make with 250g icing sugar.

Since the cupcakes were just under the casing height, it was a lot easier to ice as it was all contained inside the casing barrier and took me no time at all to get them all frosted with a little swirl. Snapped my pics and then took some over to my neighbours along with a slice of the coconut jam sandwich bar. Once home I made my, now standard, cup of tea, grabbed a cupcake and settled in front of the tv. I was unsure what to expect and thought it might be similar to a normal tea but it had such a lovely mix of tastes they were rather delicious. Another cupcake to add to my ever expanding favourites list.

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