Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jasmine Cupcakes

I was planning on making these cupcakes last weekend but to call of the cookies was too strong. Have been wanting to make some more of the floral range for some time, the other recipes were so tasty and I haven't ever eaten anything jasmine flavoured. Also managed to track down some Jasmine Blossom tea bags, after buying jasmine with green tea ones first by mistake, must take my glasses with me shopping sometimes.

Off we go with the baking and first step to let the three teabags brew in only 35ml of boiled water for around 30 minutes. I set these to stew and mixed the dry ingredients all together. Love making cupcakes, everything all in at once, minimum fussy and thinking involved. I don't know if I left the tea the full 30 minutes but regardless I added it into the milk and egg mixture and in it went. It made the batter a little yellow in colour but smelt good. Spooned it into the cases, 16 in total as is the standard now. As usual got about 2 tablespoons per cupcake. Put them into the oven for 20 minutes, decided to go for the maximum time as the oven is having its funny phase again and couldn't be bothered with the faffing of checking them every few minutes.

They came out brilliant and whilst cooling I set about making the icing. I had already put the previous three already brewed teabags into the milk to fuse before mixing the butter with the icing sugar. I did use my shield to stop the dust explosion but took it off a little too soon. The downside to using it is that whilst mixing, it traps the dust under the shield which obscures the view and so it makes it difficult to see how well the butter has blended with the sugar. Thought it was all mixed well so off it came and yet wasn't quite there yet so I can it another quick whirl with the whisk and covered the kitchen in the unavoidable dust storm. Ah well I Had been doing so well so far. I had halved the icing quantities, mixed in the milk in two batches until it was smooth but it looked a little runnier than usual. Put that thought aside and just got on with frosting the cupcakes. It was as I was smoothing this on with the pallette knife that I realised that although I had used half the amount of sugar and butter, I forgot to only use half the jasmine infused milk. Rookie mistake. Was due a slip up around now. The cupcakes with frosting all finished came out fine, picture taken and writing commences.

As I am about to finish this blog I have just remembered that I haven't actually eaten a cupcake yet to taste them..Luckily as I speak I can feel my tummy calling for some food..I shall be right back...

A cupcake has now been eaten..It rather reminds me of the Earl Grey cupcakes. Similar sort of taste in the icing although it is less intense. The sponge is amazingly moist though and the taste of that isn't as similar as the icing taste. A nice cupcake but not the flavour I was expecting..rather hoped they would be more floral than tea. Still lovely.

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  1. Well they certainly sound good. I've got some Jasmine green tea which I hadn't thought to use even though I like the tea flavour in cupcakes. Will have to give it a go.