Monday, 11 April 2011

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies

After the first attempt at the whoopie pies with oversized Chocolate ones I decided to use a bun tray to try and get all the pies equal in size. Also replaced the faulty scales so away we go...

As I was getting all the ingredients out I realised I didn't pick up any more icing sugar when shopping the other day and it was now 3.55pm so with only 5 minutes until the shops close! Cue a walk down the road to the local convience store, praying they have some in must have been my lucky day and two boxes came home with me.

Started making the recipe, all going well and my kind mother even peeled and grated the one carrot needed. All went smoothly until I was measuring out the butter and then again realised I haven't now got enough butter to make the icing. Another trip down the road beckoned but that could wait til the batter was made and in the oven. I was a little worried the grated carrot wasn't as fine as needed and would stand out too much once the pies had cooked.

I used my now fail safe technique of greasing the pans with butter and then dusting with flour. Ever since I used it for the Lemon and Thyme loaf it has become one of my favourite tips. Then measured about one tablespoon of batter into each bun hole in the tin and it made 20 perfectly, which will make 10 pies in total. Into the oven they went and this time the needed no more than the 13 minutes given.

Once they were out and cooling I could see an evident problem..they had domed on the top which wasn't an issue but I know it happened as they had to go up rather than out like on a baking tray. They had domed on the bottom as well which meant that it was going to be an issue to try and sandwiche them together. My solution was to trim a little of the bottom off. This worked in getting them all paired up and together but meant they had to lie on their sides as the dome on the top stopped them sitting normally.

With 7 people in the house to taste test them it meant my creations didn't last long after all those hours of baking. The grated carrot mixed in fine and it worked well with the spices in the mixture. Everyone agreed they were delicious. Some said the icing was a little sweet but I don't think it was as bad as the icing in the chocolate whoppie pies. This is because I halved the quantity so there wasn't any left over or as much in each whoopie pie and the cinnamon also took some of the edge off the marshmallow fluff. I think a little more carrot could have been needed as couldn't taste it that much, not like in a normal carrot cake.

Overall another success although I think I will be going back to using a baking tray covered in greaseproof paper. Will stick to the one tablespoon per pie measurement as that worked out perfectly in getting the amount stated in the right size but need the baking tray to get them flatter. All trail and error though, whats a good blog without some mistakes eh.

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