Sunday, 17 April 2011

Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie

This Saturday was the turn of the Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie, on behalf of my Mother, as pecans are her favourite and ever since I arrived she has been begging me to make something with them. Since this is also my last weekend here I obliged.

Made the dough for the base of the pie, it took me a few attempts to get it rolled and into the pie dish as every time I lifted it up over the rolling pin it fell apart. I decided to put it back into the fridge for a little longer to try and cool it a little more even though it was in there for 30 minutes before rolling for first time, as stated. This was the first time I have made pastry dough from scratch, I have to admit that before I usually cheated and bought the ready to roll dough or a pre-made sweet pastry cases. Once I managed, after several attempts, to get the dough rolled and into the pie dish it went into the fridge to chill again for 30 minutes. It then needed to be cooked with a baking sheet and baking beans for 10 minutes and then again without for another 10 minutes. I still haven't invested in any baking beans yet, which I will rectify as soon as possible, so instead I used uncooked rice (2 of the boil in the bag kind).

Whilst I waited for this, I set about making the filling, so heating the sugar, syrup and butter together until they formed some sort of treacle like mixture. The pecans took me a long time to chop, even roughly, as they kept pinging around under the knife. Then added the chocolate along with them into the now partly cooked pie base. The treacle like mixture was then poured over the top of everything and the pie was back in the oven on one temperature before reducing slightly for the remainder.

It smelt wonderful when it came out of the oven and was cooling on the side. I wanted to cut into it right then and there and have a taste, but alas had to wait until Sunday after another Family Roast. I am not usually one who favours nuts but this looked delicious and I have to say, exactly like the picture in the cook book.

So after waiting a whole day to taste it, the time had finally come. All of the family had a piece of the pie and everyone agree it was brilliant. I myself had a small slice and have to admit, even though nuts are not my favourite, it was lovely. The chocolate chunks added the little something extra amongst the nuts and I was very pleased with how the pastry base turned out too. Would recommend this recipe for nut and chocolate lovers alike.

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