Monday, 4 April 2011

Lemon and Thyme Loaf

This loaf was made first thing in the morning on Sunday. Didn't have the energy or time to make it the night before and it needed it done early so could also be taken over to the Family Roast that afternoon. This was another first for me,as  in making a loaf.

I haven't been able to find a loaf tin to the exact size needed in the cook book. The one I have is just slightly bigger length and width wise and slightly shallower but not by much. The basic loaf ingredients are as you would expect and this time I had no trouble in measuring everything correctly, even without my glasses. Did start to chop the lemon thyme up with the stalks but they didn't seem to chop well so instead I decided to pick out the longer ones and strip the remaining stalks of their leaves. Grated the lemons for their zest which was arm tiring once again and I was also then left with the conundrum as to what to do with the lemons themselves as needed the zest of three but the juice of just one for the mixture. I just squeezed the remaining two and stored the lemon juice in the fridge for use later one in the week, either in baking or cooking.

The loaf took a little longer than 50 minutes to cook, it was in there for a total of 65 minutes. This I think is down to it being a different oven to the one at home and also the loaf tin being slightly bigger than needed, of course this would affect the cooking time. The loaf also rose quite a bit over the top of the tin, it didn't over spill but the top was more domed when compared to picture in the cook book. Still looked nice though, it didn't spoil the asethetics.

Whilst that was cooking for the last few minutes I made up the syrup and started to boil that. Whilst boiling I kept stirring to make sure nothing burnt on the bottom and was thinking that it still looked rather watery. It reduced by half and as soon as the loaf was baked it was poured over the top and then left to soak and cool. When I came down to check on it some half an hour later it looked much more like a syrup, it was sticky and thick as I hoped, I guess it just needed to cool a little. I used a palette knife to loosen the loaf around the edge of the tin as was worried how it would come out even though it was greased with butter and dusted with flour prior to use. I am always worried how well the cakes and things will come out of the tins as I never seem to be able to get them out level, some of it always gets stuck and left behind. I tipped the tin slightly with my hand on the top of the loaf and it slide out perfectly. Will use the butter and flour technic on all my cakes from now in.

It cooled on the side then went back into the tin for transportation along with the Grasshopper Pie to the family roast. This loaf went down the best out of the two deserts. Everyone had a slice and agree it was very light and moist with a wonderful lemon smell and the thymecomplimented the lemon well to create a subtle flavour. The syrup on top added a nice tangy kick that wasnt overpowering. It also tasted nice topped with my Grandmother's strawberry trifle! This loaf didn't return home with us but instead was kept by my Grandparents for seconds and thirds.

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