Monday, 4 April 2011

The Grasshopper Pie

After a long drive from Surrey to Cornwall, I didn't have much energy to cook up a wonder in the kitchen. Picked The Grasshopper Pie as its a fridge set recipe and will be a quick after the days journey.

A Simple recipe to make, I  had a helper in my 13 year old brother on this one. He melted down the ingredients whilst I measure and sifted. Nothing too tricky but I was a little dubious about whipping the double cream up. Never whipped my own cream and just didn't see how it would work or how long it would take. Once started it was actually simple, as you would probably expect, it just gave me arm ache from holding that electric whisk up for 5 minutes each time.

Not sure what happened with the biscuit base either, I'm sure I measured the butter and cookies out correctly but instead of them being coated and able to squeeze together, the mixture was very runny and sloppy. It worked okay once in the dish and set in the fridge but was more sticky and hard than crumbly. Only thing I can put this down to is the butter being too melted. I will have to see how any future biscuit bases made this way will fair. It still set fine, was just a little difficult to serve once the pie was completed.

The base and then filling were completed that night and left to chill in the fridge. It was being taken to a family meal on Sunday afternoon so didn't want to whip the double cream for the topping until the last mintue as was again unsure how it would hold up overnight and on the way there. Didn't have any chocolate shavings to decorate so instead used lightly sprinkled cocoa powder. The finished product looked lovely, very tempting.

The tasting came from the whole family after our Sunday Roast. Everyone agreed it was a lovely desert, light and creamy but some did suggest it needed a little more peppermint than stated as with the cream as the filling and then the topping made it a little overwhelming. The amount of flavouring added was what the recipe stated but after reflection I think I agree, it needed a little more of a kick to combat some of the creaminess. Overall a nice desert that is a little different from the usual sweet pies and is a nice recipe to make if you haven't got much time. If anyone else has made this recipe, let me know if you incurred any of my problems or conclusions too.
Even so we took the remaining pie home last night and it might just be calling me now for elevenes heehee!

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  1. I also encountered the too much butter to biscuit problem! I just shoved in another half packet of biscuits and it seemed fine :)
    I left off the cream on top because the mixture looked (and tasted) really creamy anyway.